Memorial gathering for victims from Keeseekoose First Nation

Members of the campus community

tānisi. hãn. ëdƚanet’e? taanishi. Aniin
[English. French. Cree. Dakota/Lakota/Nakota. Dene. Michif. Saulteaux]

It is with sorrow that we write this message regarding the recently discovered 54 unmarked graves of Indigenous children found by Keeseekoose First Nation in Treaty 4 territory, in Saskatchewan. There are no doubt students, staff, and faculty on our campus and in our college, with connections to this community, and we pass along our condolences to the families and to the Keeseekoose First Nation community. Our thoughts are also with survivors of residential schools and day schools, including intergenerational survivors who continue to live each day with the impact of those institutions and of present-day acts of colonization. Our hearts are also with Mr. Bob Badger (Cultural Coordinator, OVPIE) at this time of hardship while he and his home community heal from these discoveries. 

We know these will not be the last children to be found. We know there will be more. In knowing this truth, we must prepare for more findings and support those communities through their healing process. Additionally, we must ensure that the history of Residential Boarding Schools and Day Schools is not forgotten but shared with students of all ages. The truth must be told. 

When talking about these recent discoveries on February 15, Assembly of First Nations Chief RoseAnne Archibald emphasized that “there has to be truth before reconciliation.” 

We want to encourage non-Indigenous students, staff, and faculty in our university to learn about these difficult truths of genocide through the residential school system history, and to learn about the ongoing realities and impacts of anti-Indigenous racism and settler colonialism. ohpahotân | oohpaahotaan, the Indigenous Strategy for the University of Saskatchewan, commits us to, “honour the past and see the truth in the present”, let us walk that path now.

During the COVID pandemic, we are limited on how we can gather to support one another. In place of a physical gathering, a virtual gathering will take place on Thursday, February 24, 2022 from 2:30-3:30, and all are welcome to attend. Please follow the link below to participate, and please wear your orange shirt to demonstrate our solidarity.

Keeseekoose gathering
Date: Thursday, February 24
Time: 2:30-3:30 pm


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mąsi / pidamaya / pinámaya miigwetch / marsee / hiy hiy

Airini and Angela

Provost and Vice President Academic
Vice Provost, Indigenous Engagement

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