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Update regarding campus snow removal and return to regular operations: March 5

Thank you for your continued patience as the USask facilities team and partners work around the clock to clear snow following the recent storm.

Much progress has been made over the past couple of days, and normal university operations will resume on Tuesday, March 5 in Saskatoon and Prince Albert. This includes in-person classes, labs and assessment activities, as well as in-person activities for employees.   

All priority roads on campus are accessible, with work still being done on secondary roads. Work continues to improve accessibility in parking lots, pathways, building entrances and loading docks. Ongoing work in the coming days includes: monitoring priority roads and applying de-icing material as required; pre-salting roads to prevent ice build-up; and clearing and sanding walkways and building entrances.   

While snow removal progress allows campus activity to return to normal, please do exercise caution while on campus and follow these safety tips:  

  • Vehicles should be mindful of areas that have not yet been cleared. With the amount of snow that has accumulated, you can easily get stuck.  
  • Vehicles and pedestrians should pay extra attention for icy patches, especially at crosswalks.  
  • Plan a safe route to and from your vehicle and avoid using roughly trampled shortcuts or creating your own path through the snow.  
  • Use rubber-soled winter footwear and add traction aids if you need extra support.  
  • Pay attention and avoid using your phone while walking. 
  • Focus on where you are walking, watch for ice or questionable spots, and avoid them.  
  • More tips 

Thank you to USask facilities team and partners for their tireless effort to remove snow as quickly and carefully as possible. Please report any problem areas to Report all incidents, including slips, trips, and falls, to Safety Resources to improve workplace safety.