Evan Duncan

Got your back

Evan Duncan knows when he is giving someone a good massage.

By Lesley Porter

"I've had people fall asleep on the massage table or start snoring during a massage," said Duncan, a registered massage therapist (RMT) for Student Health Services, located on the fourth floor of Place Riel. "Sometimes people drool, too."

Aside from its obvious—and often immediate—relaxing effects, Duncan looks for results in ongoing patient therapy. "If there is something measurable that has changed for the better, that's what tells me I'm doing a good job."

On average, Duncan sees about four or five patients per day, the majority of which are students seeking solace and tranquility from heavy backpacks and hours spent sitting in a chair. However, he also sees staff and faculty, and hopes to see those numbers increase.

"Anyone can benefit from massage therapy," said Duncan, who is trained in the basics of anatomy, physiology, pathology and massage theory, and was required to complete 2,200 practice hours to obtain his RMT certification.

"What we do with our bodies, generally speaking, is not how our bodies were meant to be used. We're meant to be out running and jumping and using our bodies, not sitting for extended periods of time. There's a price to be paid for being in an office eight hours a day, and massage therapy is one aspect of addressing that."