From left to right, team members Micheal Heimlick, Sarah Sangster, Kirstian Gibson, Danny Robertson, Linzi Williamson and coach Karen Lawson, associate head and professor in the Department of Psychology in the College of Arts and Science.

Students win case competition

A team of U of S graduate students studying applied social psychology recently won a national competition where they were required to evaluate the effectiveness of social intervention programs. 

The Student Evaluation Case Competition, co-sponsored by the Canadian Evaluation Society (CES) and the Canadian Evaluation Society Educational Fund (CESEF), involves teams of students from universities and colleges across Canada. Larson explained the students use social research methods on real case studies to systematically investigate social programs. The aim is "to make sure the programs are working in a way that makes the world a better place."

The final round of this year's competition focused on the Aboriginal Youth Leader program offered by Canada World Youth which aims to build capacity for Aboriginal youth to become community leaders. The U of S team's presentation was so impressive Canada World Youth has contacted them and wants to implement their proposal to determine the impact their services are having on Aboriginal youth, said Larson.

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