Ralph Goodale

U of S alumnus serves under both Trudeaus

Ralph Goodale was two years out of law school when he was elected as a member of parliament (MP) under the late Pierre Trudeau.

With Justin Trudeau poised to become Canada's 23rd prime minister, Goodale (LLB'72) is the only MP to work with both Trudeaus.

He told CBC News about meeting Justin for the first time in 1974—toted in his dad's arms.

"He was carrying Justin under his arm like a sack of flour," he said. "I remember Justin was squirming around a little bit, like little boys really do."

Goodale has been a fixture in Saskatchewan politics for several decades, the majority of which as an MP, but he also served in the provincial legislature. After some time in private sector, he ultimately returned to the federal scene in 1993.

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