John Pomeroy

Pomeroy proponent of national flood strategy

Professor John Pomeroy appeared on CTV's national morning show today to speak about the flooding in Eastern Canada and the need for a federal flood strategy.

Pomeroy, a professor in the Department of Geography and Planning and director of the U of S Centre for Hydrology, recalled the Calgary floods of 2013. Though the city was among the hardest hit, the flood itself involved British Columbia, Alberta, Saskatchewan and Manitoba.

"These are multi-provincial events," he told Your Morning, "much as the floods in Eastern Canada involve Ontario, Quebec and the Maritimes and even aspects of the United States." 

And while the ability to calculate the risks associated with floods is improving, Canada stands out among the G7 countries as not having a strong national system for dealing with floods.

"What Canada needs is a stronger federal role in overseeing the prediction of floods, the management of floodwaters and the advice as to building on floodplains and how to mitigate the structures and homes that are already in the floodplain."

See the full video at CTV Your Morning or below.

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