At the Brandenburger Tor in Berlin.

Studying abroad in Germany

During my time abroad I took every opportunity to travel as I could.

By Kim Fontaine

Originally from Valemount, B.C., arts and science student Sydney Fortowsky found her way to Germany through the University of Saskatchewan’s Study Abroad program. While there, Sydney took German language classes at SDI.

Sydney has shared some wonderful photos with us. Here’s what she had to say about her experience.

Central square in Bremen, Germany.

Did you visit any other countries? If yes, which ones? Which was your favorite and why?
During my time abroad I took every opportunity to travel as I could. I went a month earlier than my course so that I could travel more, and ended up seeing 14 other countries. I have many favourite countries, but I think my most-favourite would have to be Finland or Scotland. They both had such beautiful nature, great food, and very kind people. 

What was one of the best moments of your trip?
One of the best moments of my trip was getting to float/swim in the Aare river in Bern, Switzerland. The water was a beautiful turquoise, which flowed beside a path that led to an outdoor pool. The day I went was plus 30 and there were many people just floating down the river, then getting out to soak up the sun in the rest area. It was definitely a wonderful experience.

What was the best meal you had?
My best meal would have to be the pickled herring (called Sild) in Sweden. There are so many different types to choose from and each one better than the next. I had the pleasure of having a traditional Swedish meal with homemade Sild and potatoes. Nothing could compare to that dish!

What’s the first image that comes into your head when you think of where you travelled to?
The first image that pops in my head when I think of where I travelled to would have to be dirndls and lederhosen in Munich. Nearly every day you could see someone dressed in those outfits going to a wedding or another special occasion. It was a real pleasure to see them all around Bavaria. 

What are two interesting things about the country that the average person may not know?
Even though we associate Germany with strict punctuality, their trains and buses are not the most punctual. Also, don’t be surprised to see a dog, big or small, next to you in a restaurant or a mall. They are able to go to most places, as most dogs are very well trained in Germany.


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