Photo caption: Dr. Edison Haro Albuja (PhD) is USask’s first PhD graduate from Ecuador. Photo provided by Dr. Edison Haro Albuja (PhD).

Meet USask’s first PhD graduate from Ecuador

The University of Saskatchewan (USask) has over 3,000 international students from 130 different countries. Every USask student has a unique story, especially students who travel across the globe to study here.

Dr. Edison Haro Albuja (PhD) is one of these students. He is USask’s first PhD graduate from Ecuador. He graduated in fall 2018 with a PhD in Biomedical Engineering. Originally from Quito, Ecuador, Dr. Albuja came to Canada to study at USask.

Why did you want to study in Canada?

I wanted to learn a new language and culture. I think Canada is a beautiful country.

How did you learn about the University of Saskatchewan?

I had a contact in Ecuador who was familiar with USask. I contacted USask Student Recruitment and learned what steps I had to take to apply to USask.

How was your USask experience?

It was great! USask had the facilities and equipment I needed to conduct my research in biomedical engineering.

What did your biomedical engineering research focus on?

My thesis was Enhancing Ballistic Impact Resistance of Polymer Matrix Composite Armors by Dispersion of Micro and Nano-Fillers. My supervisors were Dr. Akindele Odeshi (PhD) and Dr. Jerzy Szpunar (PhD).   

Did you receive any scholarships to study at USask?

Yes, I received the Secretaría de Educación Superior, Ciencia, Tecnología e Innovación (SENESCYT) scholarship. This is a scholarship funded by the Government of Ecuador.

What advice would you give international students coming to USask?

Start learning English early. English is the most important tool for international students, especially if you’re conducting research.

How did you learn English?

I attended the University of Saskatchewan Language Centre (USLC) where I studied English for Academic Purposes. I studied at USLC for one year before beginning my PhD.

What are you doing now that you’ve graduated?

I’ve returned to Ecuador and accepted the position of Dean of the Department of Energy and Mechanical Engineering at the University of Armed Forces.

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