Jocelyn Orb is the manager of the Student Wellness Centre. (Photo: Meghan Sired)

Pride is a time to come together

In celebration of the upcoming Saskatoon Pride Festival, Jocelyn Orb, manager of the Student Wellness Centre, talks about feeling respected and appreciated at USask.

Jocelyn Orb, manager of the Student Wellness Centre, grew up in Cupar, Sask. and has worked on campus for three years. Orb says she is working hard to support the professionals at the wellness centre to improve access to services and to enhance the student experience. She says the Wellness Centre is proud to serve the Usask LGBTQ2S community and this year is bringing in new supports for HIV prevention and transgendered physical and mental health care.

In her own words, Orb explained the importance of Pride and why it is important to be a part of a community that celebrates and supports those who are part of the LGBTQ2S+ community.

It is important to me to work for an organization with which I share core values. The U of S highly values diversity, and the Student Wellness Centre is the most respectful and accepting work environment I have ever known. Not only do I not need to hide who I am, I feel like my unique perspective and life experience is appreciated and actually celebrated.

Pride is an opportunity for marginalized people to come together as a community, with each other and our allies. It is an expression of acceptance, positivity and hope—which we are in increasingly desperate need of. It is an important event to acknowledge how far we’ve come in terms of equal rights and an avenue to show the wider community how loving, accepting and fun our LGBTQ2S community is.

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