(l to r) USask alumni Carol Cleveland (nee Roberts) (BSN’70) and Taylor Cleveland (BSN’22)
(l to r) USask alumni Carol Cleveland (nee Roberts) (BSN’70) and Taylor Cleveland (BSN’22)

Granddaughter becomes nurse to honour late grandmother’s memory

Taylor Cleveland goes to work every day as a registered nurse hoping to make her late grandmother and USask alumna Carol Cleveland proud.

University of Saskatchewan (USask) College of Nursing alumna Taylor Cleveland (BSN’22) had recently completed high school and was unsure of what her future looked like when her grandmother Carol Cleveland (BSN’70) fell ill.

After spending a number of weeks at her grandmothers bedside in Surrey, British Columbia, Taylor quickly figured out nursing was the path for her.

“Towards the end of my grandmothers’ life when she was in the hospital, I was able to be there with her,” said Taylor.

“In her final days, she taught me the caring touch of a nurse, as I was able to take part in her care and witness her nurses take such gracious care of her when she needed it most. This instantly inspired me to want to do the same for others.”

“I decided to pursue nursing because I knew I wanted to be in a profession where I would help people, like those that helped my grandmother.”

Taylor went on to complete her USask Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSN) degree at the USask Regina Campus.

“I chose the University of Saskatchewan for my nursing program, as I felt it would honour my grandmother, as she was a proud USask nursing alumna.”

After USask graduation and becoming licensed in 1970, Carol worked as a registered nurse (RN) in long-term care, the operating room, and with public health in Calgary, Alberta, then as a public health nurse for Fraser Valley Health in Cloverdale, British Columbia before retiring in 1996.

“My mom loved being a registered nurse,” said Traci Cleveland, Carol’s daughter and Taylor’s mother.

“She really loved working in public health and working with new mothers and babies. She was patient and kind and I was fortunate enough to go to work with her sometimes and watch how she helped to ease new mothers in their role with their newborn. I was lucky to have her support me during my pregnancies and after the birth of both my daughters. She was a wonderful mother and grandmother, who loved her kids and grandkids with all her heart.”

After finishing her USask BSN degree and becoming licensed, Taylor has been working in general surgery at Regina General Hospital.

“I am incredibly proud to wear the title of an RN,” said Taylor. “My grandma was the kindest, most selfless person I knew and since she was a registered nurse, I thought I could be more like her by following in her footsteps.”

“Since joining the frontline of health care in Saskatchewan, I have really enjoyed expanding my skills and working with incredible, influential coworkers and patients.”

Taylor was fortunate to have had a grandmother as an example of a great nurse in her life to inspire her to become a nurse. For others that are considering entering the profession, Taylor says to go for it.

“While I won’t deny the stress and tears that come with being a student nurse and even from working as an RN, but the tears, good and bad, are worth every second. Being able to make a difference in patients’ lives and help them when they are struggling the most, makes the profession so rewarding.”

“Thank you grandma for being my guiding light that led me to becoming a registered nurse.”

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