SSHRC president offers vision for universities in the digital age

Chad Gaffield, president of the Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council of Canada, delivered a lecture on the continuing and growing relevance of liberal arts education at Convocation Hall November 1.

By Mark Ferguson
Gaffield explored trends toward interdisciplinary research and teaching, and how there are rich areas of opportunity at the intersection of science and liberal arts. Research shows, for example, that the two top preferred companies for liberal arts grads are Google and Apple – ostensibly technology companies. At the same time, these companies expect to hire thousands of these graduates.

A video of Gaffield's presentation is available online here

Gaffield also presided over a special ceremony for history professor Jim Miller, who was awarded SSHRC's Gold Medal for Achievement, the federal research funding agency's highest honour. Miller received the award for his decades of study on the evolving relationships between Aboriginal Peoples and the peoples that later settled in Canada. He is one of only eight scholars to receive the honour since its inception in 2003.