Search is on for another CERC

Work now begins in earnest to find a candidate to fill a Canada Excellence Research Chair (CERC) in Infectious Disease after the U of S was awarded $10 million for the position through a federal program Nov. 8.

"We propose to recruit a dynamic CERC whose leadership will transform the way we approach infectious diseases, improving prevention, diagnosis and control of priority diseases such as tuberculosis, HIV, West Nile virus, and food-borne and water-related diseases," said U of S Vice-President Research Karen Chad in a release.

Of the 27 institutions that put forward 46 proposals for CERC chairs, the U of S is one of eight Canadian universities to succeed. The successful proposals now move on to the recruitment phase, searching for candidates to advance knowledge, co-ordinate efforts of other researchers and mentor graduate students.

External experts assess the candidates, and the chairs should be filled by early 2014.

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