John Pomeroy works in the mountains.

Mountain measures against climate change

Efforts by Kicking Horse Mountain Resort to conserve energy may prove successful in lessening the effects of climate change, said John Pomeroy, Canada Research Chair in water resources and climate change at the University of Saskatchewan.

By University Communications
Scientists have discovered that changing climate has resulted in a decline in mountain snow pack in the western United States. While this has not spread to the Canadian Rockies yet, Pomeroy warned it is only a matter of time—and that measures such as those adopted by Kicking Horse will ultimately help preserve the ski resorts in the area.

On slower days, the B.C. ski resort reduces the speed of its gondola—skiers do not seem to notice and the payback in terms of energy savings is substantial, reported resort officials. The restaurants at the resort have also installed low-flow plumbing fixtures and serve meals in reusable baskets to reduce paper waste.

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