Beagles on board: Five facts about the research dogs at the U of S

Have you seen this bevy of beagles being led through the bowl? Immensely cute, they are also aiding in some important research. Here are five fun facts to help you get acquainted with these adorable dogs.

1. The dogs are doing their duty for science. These pups are part of a pet food nutrition study that is being headed up at the Western College of Veterinary Medicine (WCVM) here at the University of Saskatchewan (U of S).

2. They are helping to reduce hunger and weight gain. The ongoing theme of the research is to explore health benefits of using a grain-free formulation for test diets using locally grown pulses (pea, lentils or fava beans) as the carbohydrate source instead of the corn or rice that is more traditionally used.

3. They are very well taken care of. The beagles are kept healthy and happy with daily strolls - rain, shine or snow.

4. This is the second canine cadre on campus. The WCVM will keep the dogs for four to five years, then find homes for them. This current batch of beagles will be adopted out next year.

5. Not a dog person? WCVM also currently has eight research cats for the same project. The felines aren’t a fan of outdoor walks, but there is a hoard of volunteers that play and cuddle with the cats every day. 

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