Highly educated pups

One of the cutest research projects on campus was recently featured in Maclean's magazine.

By University Communications

The magazine profiled research beagles at the Western College of Veterinary Medicine (WCVM) and the important role they play in pet nutrition. 

WCVM professor Lynn Weber has been conducting research with the dogs since 2009. Initially, her team—which included graduate student Jennifer Adolphe, now an animal nutritionist working in Ontario—examined whether dried field peas were a healthier option in dog food than rice. 

"I got to learn how to formulate pet food and the role that nutrition plays in dogs," Adolphe told Maclean's

Weber's research group is currently working with a second team of beagles to further explore the health benefits of a grain-free diet by replacing traditional starches with pulse crops (such as lentils or fava beans). The third group of pups is expected to arrive next year.

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