The Beamteam: Tristan de Boer, Patrick Braun, Ruhul Amin, Alex Moewes, Amir Qamar.

Designing energy efficient, high output, perfectly tinted LEDs

Bright light and powerful math leading the way to better LED lighting. The Beamteam research group is featured in the CLS news.

By McGill University | WCVM Today

Scientists have combined experimental data gathered at the Canadian Light Source at the University of Saskatchewan and theoretical data to build deep insight into two types of light emitting crystals for next-generation LEDs. Their most recent publication in Advanced Optical Materials lays the groundwork for informed design of LED materials, the direction Moewes hopes to move the team’s work towards.


Amin, Muhammad Ruhul, Philipp Strobel, Amir Qamar, Tobias Giftthaler, Wolfgang Schnick, and Alexander Moewes. "Understanding of Luminescence Properties Using Direct Measurements on Eu2+-Doped Wide Bandgap Phosphors." Advanced Optical Materials (2020): 2000504.

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