PhD student Christy Anderson (left) and PhD student Megan Flath are among this year's Canada Graduate Scholarship recipients. Anderson will focus on issues of police violence on Indigenous women and Flath will study the benefits of pet therapy for the elderly. (Photos provided).

Major scholarships awarded to USask students

Sixty-seven USask graduate students have been awarded almost $2.5 million in scholarships by NSERC, CIHR and SSHRC, Canada’s three most important federal granting agencies.


Eighteen PhD students were recipients of Canada Graduate Scholarship Doctoral awards, and 14 of them were in the most competitive tier. The recipients include:

  • Indigenous studies PhD student Christy Anderson, who will focus on First Nation, Métis and Inuit women in Manitoba and their experiences of violence perpetrated by the RCMP to study how police violence contributes to the pervasive issue of Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women and Girls in Canada. The goal is to possibly lead to reforms to RCMP policy. Anderson is supervised by Indigenous studies and women's and gender studies professor Dr. Emily Snyder (PhD).
  • Psychology PhD student Meghan Flath, who will study whether pet therapy can help reduce isolation and loneliness experienced by elderly people. This program would involve an animal and its handler visiting the older adult in their own home—many older adults do not have a way of getting to socialization programs held at their local community centres, or do not like large groups of people. Flath is supervised by psychology professor Dr. Megan O'Connell (PhD).

More information about the application process for the Tri-Agency Canada Graduate Scholarship Doctoral awards can be found here.

Canada Graduate Scholarship Doctoral awards


Saniya Shiraz Alwani      Engineering amino acid functionalized nanodiamonds for gene delivery
Ruth Greuel   Effects of marine nutrient subsidy and grazing by a large herbivore on the trophic dynamics and landscape ecology of an oceanic island
Purbasha Mistry  Nutrient sequestration potential of wetlands in agricultural landscapes
Aidan Mowat  Investigation of variations in the hydrogeochemistry of brines in Dovenian formations of the Williston Basin, Canada
Eric Neil   Soil water uptake strategies of Pinus banksiana and Populus tremuloides in boreal forest ecosystems
Anthony Pacholko  Examination of orotic acid as a mineral carrier in wild-type mice
Jorge Marquez Escobedo Not available


Christy Anderson

Talking back to power: Indigenous women in the prairies confront settler-colonial violence in policing

Anne Baycroft 

Socio-Economic Landscapes: the family and popular religion in late Imperial China

Joel Bernbaum  Beyond the stage: How theatre can strengthen our cities
Danielle Bird 

Reintegration Strategies Amongst Formerly Incarcerated Indigenous Men and Women in Saskatchewan

Meghan Flath At-home animal-assisted socialization to combat loneliness in older adults
Letitia Johnson  Responsibilities of Racism: Health Care and Japanese-Canadian Internment During the Second World
Maha Kumaran 

Minorities and minority leaders in the social design and solutions of Canadian library spaces

Tarisa Little  A History of the Detroit River Wyandot Day School Experience, 1820-1850s
Kiera Mitchell

Regulating relationships: the state, marriage and marginalization between 1950-2000

Oxana Pimenova Consultations with Indigenous Peoples of Canada: Argument Continuities as an Impediment to Epistemic Success
Whitney Willcott-Benoit    Can we centralize other people's traumatic experiences? An examination of non-offending mothers of sexually abused children.

Canada Graduate Scholarship Master’s awards


Ian Andvaag Calculations and experimental studies on effective-medium approach to surface-enhanced infrared spectroscopy
Ilne Bernard Synaptic Plasticity, Learning and Memory, Acute Stress
Christina Desnoyers Validations of an emerging DNA-based approach to dietary assessment
Evan Ericson Electromagnetic Design of an Energy Compression System at the Canadian Light Source
Ariana Forand Investigations Into the Cell Wall as a Barrier Against Water Loss and Plant Pathogens
Liam Graham Extension and Verification of the Capabilities of the Borealis Digital Radar System
Patrick Hunchak Pulsed Injection Systems in Accelerator Physics
Jason Keller Exact Solutions to Axial and Helical symmetric Magnetohydrodynamic equilibria
Dain Kim The effects of arginine supplements on the enzymatic pathways of Sprague-Dawley rats
Taylor Kostyshyn Synthesis and Evaluation of Lignan and Diphenyl Ethane Diazarines to Probe Alpha-Synuclein Binding
Anne Sophie Le Brun Robles Gil A comparative study of song sparrows (Melospiza melodia) and Lincoln sparrows (Melospiza lincolnii) to determine the adaptation of birds to urbanization
Jory Litt-Jukes The Effects of Artificial Light on the Behaviour and Physiology of Nocturnal Migrant Songbirds
Jackson Lordall Exploring the influence of different settings on dynamic balance control measures during walking in young healthy adults
Gabrielle Mercier The Role of the Anaphase Promoting Complex in Breast Cancer Progression
Sheldon Miller Square-free Monomial Cohen-Macaulay Ideals
Franklin Ogidi Application of Deep Learning in Plant Stress Phenotyping
Madeline Owens Synthesis of Novel Bifunctional Compounds for Parkinson's Disease and Investigating their Interactions with Alpha-synuclein
Chloe Qulliam Effects of Feeding Pulse-Based, Grain-Free Diets on Glycemic Response, Digestibility and Cardiovascular Health in Dogs.
Selena Schut Assessing the hydrologic importance of alluvial fans to mountain peatlands.
Jessica Sharpe Evaluating the expression and function of the EphA2 receptor in canine osteosarcoma
Johnathan Shmyr Geology, petrology, and geochemistry of the Brabant-McKenzie deposit: Constraints on the origin of a metamorphosed volcanogenic massive sulphide deposit.


Shannon Hyslop Building Health Needs into Community Design
Jory Longworth Cannabis and cannabinoid medications for the treatment of chronic orofacial pain
Kerry Marshall Reproductive Rainbow: Exploring Fertility Intentions and Family Planning Experiences Within the LGBTQ2S Community
Lindsey Trepanier Pilot Emotion-Focused Intervention for Parents of Adolescents with Chronic Pain
Mikaela Vangoughnett Examining culture as a healing method in a northern Indigenous community


Karly Anderson Activity on Campus...Where Do You Sit?
Nicole Anderson Breaking down barriers: Educating parents on the importance of open dialogues regarding sexual violence
Kayla Arisman A Lick and A Promise: Understanding the Role of Companion Animals in Leaving Intimate Partner Violence
Shelby Brown 'Water as Pedagogy'
Angela Burant Living in the Past: The Households and Social Organization of an Ethnographic Village Site in the shíshálh Nation
Matthew Chapelski Effect of a 8-month Physical Literacy Intervention on the Competence, Confidence and Motivation of Children with Congenital Heart Disease to Engage in Physical Activity
Mikayla Coad Epp Cultural Identity within Pottery: A Holistic Approach to Understanding Transitional Pottery from Border Zones
Drumlin Crape Hannibal Lecter and Reclaiming Queer Villains
Maria Cruz A community-based approach towards a gender-informed mental health assessment process for women in Canadian prisons
Ana Carolina De Barros Exploring Positive Bisexual Identity
Rod Goertzen Graduate Studies Art Proposal: Creating a Visual Narrative of Acculturalization and Adaptation of New Canadians in Saskatchewan
Zoe Hagen Inducing Residential Demand as an Approach to Downtown Revitalization in Midsized Canadian Cities
Delane Just My Generation: Genre-Bending in Short Fiction by Millennial Canadian LGBTQ+ and Women Writers
Olenka Kawchuk Finding the missing children: using community-driven archaeology to locate graves at Canada's Residential Schools
John Malyk Could the Gay Community be Hurting Mental Health? Exploring the Benefits and Downsides of Gay Culture
Nicole Pasloski Cultural influences and forces and our declining knowledge around food
Jessica Prince Predicting Recidivism Using the Level of Service Inventory-Saskatchewan Version:Implications for Gender and Ancestry
Jessy Lee Saas The Myth of the Homesteader: Challenging the Saskatchewan Settler Narrative, 1880s to 1920s.
Michaela Slidloski Empowering Forest Communities to Adapt to Climate Change
Amanda Sinclair Executive Controls of Attention and Adult Attachment
Haotong Wang Empirical Investigation of the Chinese Sociocultural Models of Mental Health and Mental Illness
Kathleen Willie An Archaeological Perspective on Bison Restoration at Wanuskewin Heritage Park

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