Aerial view of the University of Saskatchewan. (Photo: USask)
Aerial view of the University of Saskatchewan. (Photo: USask)

North West College and University of Saskatchewan sign agreement on research ethics review board

North West College has signed an agreement with the University of Saskatchewan (USask) to establish a Research Ethics Review Process.

This collaboration sets a new standard for research undertaken at the college and ensures all studies conducted meet the highest ethical standards. The university will act as the Research Ethics Board for all research activities undertaken at North West College.

This agreement is a critical step as North West College prepares to engage in applied research. Applied research is a broad range of research activities that support business and/or community partners to address the challenges they face. This work is supported by the expertise of instructors while simultaneously providing students with practical experience solving real-world problems.

The agreement allows a shared commitment to research ethics review and demonstrates a collaborative method in achieving responsible conduct of research. Representatives from the college will begin serving on the University Research Ethics Approval Board and all staff will have access to advanced training.

"We are excited to formalize this agreement. It is a signal of our commitment to the highest standard of research and of our belief that participation in applied research is an essential component of higher education. This partnership provides the foundation for our growth in applied research,” said Dr. Eli Ahlquist, president and CEO of North West College. 

Both institutions are committed to promoting ethical research practices and protecting the rights of human subjects. By working together through this agreement, this partnership will ensure all research conducted is conducted ethically and responsibly.

“As one of Canada’s top 15 research Universities, USask commits to research, scholarly and artistic work that is rigorous and trusted. We aim to have our research held in the highest regard, be ethically sound, and contribute to the creation, application, and refinement of knowledge,” said Dr. Baljit Singh, USask vice-president of research. “This agreement with North West College represents a significant step forward in our commitment to ethical research and I look forward to working closely with them as they embark on their applied research endeavours.”