Blakeney, U of S scholar and alumnus, leaves legacy

Allan Blakeney, former Premier of Saskatchewan and visiting scholar in the College of Law at the University of Saskatchewan, died April 16 in Saskatoon. He was 85.

A native of Bridgewater, N.S., Blakeney earned degrees from Dalhousie University and Oxford and acquired honorary doctorates from a number of institutions during his legal and political career including Mount Allison, York, Western, Regina and the U of S. He joined the public service in Saskatchewan in 1950 and was first elected to the Saskatchewan Legislature in 1960. While in government, Blakeney served as Minister of Education, Provincial Treasurer, Minister of Public Health, Leader of the Opposition, and as Premier of Saskatchewan from 1971-82. He retired from politics in 1988.
"The University of Saskatchewan was privileged to have had a scholar of Mr. Blakeney's stature as part of our community to enrich the experience of students and colleagues alike," said Peter MacKinnon, president of the U of S. "His formidable intellect, his gentle manner and his sense of humour endeared him to everyone he met."
Blakeney joined the U of S College of Law in 1991 as the inaugural occupant of the Law Foundation Chair and continued to serve the college and the wider university community in the role of visiting scholar.
In 2008, Blakeney published an autobiography chronicling his life politics entitled An Honourable Calling and was co-author, with Sandford Borins, of Political Management in Canada. He published extensively in journals and academic texts, and his speeches continue to be featured in many publications.

Find out more about Allan Blakeney's contributions to the University of Saskatchewan in a 2008 story from On Campus News.
On March 17, he shared his perspectives on the creation of the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms. Watch the video on the College of Law website.
Homepage image of Allan Blakeney by Colleen MacPherson for On Campus News.
More photos of Allan Blakeney are available in the U of S Flickr gallery.
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