PET-CT scan part of U of S nuclear investment

Saskatchewan will soon have access to critical medical diagnostic scans and a powerful new suite of research tools at the University of Saskatchewan thanks to $23 million in funding by the federal and provincial governments and the Royal University Hospital Foundation

Provincial Innovation Minister Rob Norris
Photo by Dave Stobbe
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The funding will purchase a cyclotron to produce medical isotopes and a positron emission tomography-computed tomography (PET-CT) scanner that uses the isotopes. PET-CT scans have a wide variety of uses, but are especially valuable in cancer treatment, where they allow doctors to precisely locate tumours and see if treatments are working.
The new facility will be part of the $30-million centre of excellence in nuclear studies announced March 2, 2011 and will be critical for nuclear medicine, research and training. The cyclotron and PET-CT facility will offer a wide range of research opportunities in medicine, plant and animal science and materials science. Together with facilities such as the Canadian Light Source, the cyclotron PET-CT will provide unparalleled training opportunities for the highly skilled people necessary for these facilities.
Funding is as follows:
* $7 million Government of Canada through Western Economic Diversification.
* $7 million Government of Saskatchewan (capital)
* $3 million Government of Saskatchewan (operating funds)
PET-CT Scanner:
* $4 million Government of Saskatchewan
* $2 million Royal University Hospital Foundation
Detailed information is available in the backgrounder (more details). A video of the announcement is available on the U of S Research YouTube channel here. More information is also available from the news releases below, and by contacting U of S Research Communications at 966-1425.
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