U of S business students place second in Western competition while raising funds for the Children's Health Foundation

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE - February 10, 2011 2011-02-05-ESB Students at the Edwards School of Business are number one in Western Canada when it comes to number crunching for taxes. Students placed second overall in events and third overall in academics, at the Jeux Du Commerce (JDC) West Business Competition Jan. 14-16 in Saskatoon. This was the first year the University of Saskatchewan (U of S) hosted the event.

Photo by Glen Kobussen
Prior to the competition, each university participated in Chillin' for Charity, an initiative to support a local charitable organization through volunteer hours and monetary support, and Edwards School of Business students raised nearly $55,000 for the Children's Health Foundation.
"The competition provides students an opportunity to compete with each other in all facets of business, while developing networking, critical thinking, and leadership skills as they prepare to begin their careers in the business world," said Glen Kobussen, Edwards School of Business team coach for JDC West. "In addition, our students had a chance to support a worthy cause. The funds raised for the Children's Health Foundation will benefit the community as a whole."
JDC West is the largest student-run academic competition in Western Canada, and the only one of its kind to combine academics, athletics and social challenges to put undergraduate business students to the test in a highly competitive and spirited environment. This year, 11 universities and more than 550 students from Western Canada competed.
For a full list of JDC West 2011 results visit www.jdcwest.com.
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