U of S College of Agriculture and Bioresources opens Inuit sculpture exhibit

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE - January 31, 2011 2011-01-20-AG The University of Saskatchewan (U of S) College of Agriculture and Bioresources has announced a new addition to the college's art collection. Henry and Cheryl Kloppenburg have generously donated a collection of Inuit sculpture, which will be permanently housed in the College of Agriculture and Bioresources.

Inuit sculptures on display in the College of Agriculture and BIoresources' Kloppenburg Collection
Photo by Mark Ferguson
"The beginnings of our collection go back 40 years," said Henry Kloppenburg. "Over those years, collecting has been a gratifying experience for us. Being able to give the collection to the university and the College of Agriculture and Bioresources, [which] will provide an environment wherein generations of students can enjoy the collection and share our experience, was the simple reason for our gift."
The Henry and Cheryl Kloppenburg Collection of Inuit Sculpture is comprised of 55 works created by people of the Canadian Arctic. The works of several dozen artists are represented, as are 14 of Canada's northern communities. The collection of Inuit sculpture complements the Kloppenburg Collection of paintings found throughout the college.
"The amazing Inuit art that we are honoured to receive today adds to the treasure trove that already graces this building," said College of Agriculture and Bioresources Dean Mary Buhr. "Artistic vision expresses the awe, reverence and respect that we feel as stewards of the Earth, and captures the very heart of why we are so proud to work in agriculture. Regardless of our origins, this desire to live in harmony with the land that sustains us is a deeply embedded human trait. This generous gift adds an Inuit dimension to our extensive collection and will generate awareness and joy for generations to come. We are deeply grateful to the Kloppenburgs for their continued generosity."
The Kloppenburg's roots are in Saskatchewan and they have contributed greatly to the community through public service and their gifts of art to the University of Saskatchewan.
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Kira Paluck, Communications Co-ordinator
College of Agriculture and Bioresources
University of Saskatchewan
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