U of S College Quarter plan recognized nationally

Mark Ferguson The University of Saskatchewan has been recognized with the 2011 Canadian Society of Landscape Architects National Honour Award of Excellence for the College Quarter Master Plan, created to aid in the strategy and development of a 59-hectare land area owned by the university located south of the main campus.

Rendering of College Quarter by Brook McIlroy
More photos and renderings of College Quarter in the U of S Flickr gallery
"We are extremely proud of the work that is taking place in the College Quarter, and the recognition of the plan shows the dedication and support that the university, the city, and the community have to make this a place for everyone," said U of S Vice-President of Finance and Resources Richard Florizone.
The plan is currently under construction in its first phase providing new student residence beds within the mixed-use project. Another key initiative of the plan is the 860-metre long GreenWay - the path along which services, amenities and a myriad of uses congregate allowing a sense of lively animation, 24-hours a day. This tree-lined walkway, extending the entire length of College Quarter, will be lined with active building uses that create a well-lit, sheltered path system that is active, safe and beautiful. The plan also proposes that Cumberland Avenue be utilized as an attractive interface to help integrate the adjacent neighbourhood with College Quarter in a welcoming way.
Adopted in 2009, the plan was successful in attracting provincial, city and sponsor funding. As a result, a two-phase, 800-bed undergraduate student residence complex is now under construction and a new graduate student residence is anticipated to commence construction this year.
"In contrast to the traditional university model which congregates all university facilities into an exclusive campus area, College Quarter utilizes a dynamic open space and pedestrian framework to concentrate an eclectic mix of university and community uses: shops, student residences, condominiums, offices, classrooms, theatres and recreation uses built as an extension of the surrounding community," said Cal Brook, Principal of Brook McIlroy.
The Toronto-based design firm Brook McIlroy prepared the plan through a two-year process in consultation with the university, the City of Saskatoon and area residents. Brook McIlroy is an award-winning architecture, landscape architecture, urban design and planning studio with offices in Toronto and Thunder Bay with a portfolio of 25 campus master plans for universities across North America in the past decade.
To view the College Quarter Master Plan, visit www.usask.ca/collegequarter/
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