U of S student receives Stan Rowe Home Place Graduate Award

By Kira Paluck For the first time since the Stan Rowe Home Place Memorial Fund was established in 2006, a University of Saskatchewan student is one of this year's two recipients.

Chérie Dugal in the Agriculture Atrium
Photo by Kira Paluck. This and other photos available for download in the U of S Flickr gallery
Chérie Dugal, a graduate student in the College of Agriculture and Bioresources, was presented with the award on May 11 by the Canadian Council on Ecological Areas (CCEA).
"It is wonderful to have Chérie honoured with this award," said Dean Mary Buhr, College of Agriculture and Bioresources. "She is an excellent student and highly deserving. The college has always held careful stewardship of our precious natural resources to be one of our greatest responsibilities. Chérie's accomplishment and her participation in our program reinforce the importance of this continuing commitment."
The cash award of $1000 is offered to a graduate student in the first year of their program, who is studying in Canada and engaged in research concerned with the establishment or management of protected areas which are representative of Canada's terrestrial, aquatic or marine ecological diversity.
Dugal's graduate study will evaluate elk movement and habitat selection across an agriculture-dominated landscape between Riding Mountain National Park and Duck Mountain Provincial Park, in southwestern Manitoba. She will also assess the risk and implications of pathogen transmission between elk sub-populations, such as Chronic Wasting Disease and Bovine Tuberculosis.
The Stan Rowe Home Place Memorial Fund was established by the CCEA as a scholarship fund in honour of Dr. John Stanley Rowe who was an outstanding Canadian thinker and teacher on ecology and ecological ethics. Dr. Rowe was a founding member of CCEA and was a professor in Plant Ecology at the University of Saskatchewan for almost 20 years. His eloquent words, books, articles and films convinced a generation of ecologists, foresters and land managers that it is possible to live harmoniously with our "home place" Earth.
The Canadian Council of Ecological Areas is an independent, nationally registered charitable organization that encourages and facilitates the selection, protection and stewardship of a comprehensive network of protected areas in Canada.
Additional information on the Stan Rowe Home Place Graduate Award or Memorial Fund, and CCEA is available on the website: CCEA.org.
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