University of Saskatchewan Renews Agreement with Gabriel Dumont Institute for Aboriginal education

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE - June 19, 2012 2012-06-14-ED Saskatoon - The University of Saskatchewan signed a new agreement of continuing partnership between the College of Education and the Gabriel Dumont Institute of Native Studies and Applied Research at an event June 19 in the Education Building.

The agreement will enhance the delivery of the Saskatchewan Urban Native Teacher Education Program (SUNTEP).
According to a recent publication by author Eric Howe, Bridging the Aboriginal Education Gap in Saskatchewan, the more than 1,000 SUNTEP graduates have increased the provincial GDP by more than $2.5 Billion.
"The Gabriel Dumont Institute is very pleased to affirm our partnership with the University of Saskatchewan and our commitment to the education of Métis people in this province," said GDI's Vice Chair Glenn Lafleur. "SUNTEP has been a major success for GDI. The value of SUNTEP is significant - culturally, socially, and economically-to those in both the Métis community and in the larger society."
SUNTEP provides an education that is culturally and professionally relevant for students of Métis ancestry, ensuring preparedness and adequate representation in the teaching profession.
Facilitated by the Gabriel Dumont Institute, SUNTEP is a fully accredited, four-year bachelor of education program. The focus of the program is two-fold: giving students of Métis ancestry the tools to prepare them to fill their just share of teaching positions in Saskatchewan, and ensuring that all SUNTEP graduates are educated to be sensitive to the individual educational needs of all students, in particularly those of Métis and First Nations ancestry.
"SUNTEP grads have earned an excellent reputation as teachers and role models in schools across Western Canada," said Dean Cecilia Reynolds of the College of Education at the University of Saskatchewan. "In fact, not all SUNTEP graduates go on to become teachers. The education that is provided by SUNTEP helps to build and strengthen positive self-image and gives our students tools not limited to teaching, but skills that present opportunities for success in entrepreneurship, business, and leadership roles in many other fields."
SUNTEP is accessible through three urban centres in Saskatoon, Regina and Prince Albert.
For more information, contact:
Ashley Quick, Alumni and Donor Relations Officer
College of Education
University of Saskatchewan
(306) 966-8173

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