University of Saskatchewan announces new community-engagement scholarship

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE - March 18, 2013 2013-03-22-CGSR Saskatoon - The University of Saskatchewan (U of S) has announced a new $40,000 community-engagement scholarship for doctoral students, the first of its kind at the U of S and unique among other U15 universities.

"The scholarship will support a dissertation project that is of interest to a community partner," said Keith Carlson, U of S special advisor on outreach and engagement. "This means the community partner will play an active role in helping design, deliver and evaluate the research project to ensure it is meaningful both to the community and to the student's academic study."
The successful candidate will receive $20,000 per year for two years, along with $1,500 in annual research travel funding.
"Through this funding, we provide students with opportunity to think about their research in a new way," said Adam Baxter-Jones, acting dean of the College of Grad Studies and Research (CGSR). "Having our students work with and in the community benefits not only our academic discovery, but the community itself."
Carlson said he believes the scholarship will help the U of S continue to attract top graduate students.
"Working with the community is a means to creating and advancing scholarship and also providing valuable experiences to our students," said Carlson. "Engagement is already a component of the work of many of our faculty members, and the value it brings a research project cannot be duplicated through any other method."
The doctoral scholarship is open to students applying to work with a faculty member in any discipline or interdisciplinary field, and faculty members can apply for the scholarship on behalf of students. The deadline for applications is April 15. Students and faculty members are encouraged to contact the College of Graduate Studies and Research for more information at 306-966-5760.
For more information, contact:
Michael Robin
Research Communications Specialist
(306) 966-1425

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