Announcement of new support for nuclear medicine leadership at Saskatchewan universities

Media are invited to attend an announcement about the future of nuclear medicine and nuclear imaging research in humans, plants and animals with the Honourable Jeremy Harrison, Minister Responsible for Innovation and representatives of the Sylvia Fedoruk Canadian Centre for Nuclear Innovation, University of Saskatchewan and University of Regina.

Thursday, October 30


Media are requested to be in place by 1:50

Health Sciences Building

107 Wiggins Road

Nuclear medicine is a powerful tool for the detection, diagnosis and treatment of a number of diseases, especially cancers. It involves injecting a patient with radiopharmaceuticals and then detecting those drugs in the body using imaging systems such as the PET-CT scanner at Royal University Hospital.

Nuclear imaging techniques make it possible to 'see' physiological processes inside cells, such as the uptake and metabolism of nutrients. This information can lead to enhanced understanding of a number of processes in humans and animals (such as the development of cancers or changes in nerve cells in patients suffering Parkinson's Disease) and plants (such as the uptake of nutrients by roots).



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Sylvia Fedoruk Canadian Centre for Nuclear Innovation

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Media Relations Specialist

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