Cyclotron to arrive at U of S

Media are invited to a photo opportunity on Tuesday, April 22 to see the province's first cyclotron hoisted and placed inside the Cyclotron Facility which is currently under construction. For safety reasons, a cordoned off area will be set aside for media.

Tuesday, April 22

1 - 2 pm

(media are encouraged to be on-site no later than 12:50 pm)

Cyclotron Facility

120 Maintenance Road (see map)

Funding for the cyclotron was announced in March 2011. Construction of the facility, which includes the cyclotron and a laboratory to process the radioisotopes it will produce, began in June 2013 and is anticipated to be completed in September 2014, becoming fully operational in October 2015.

A cyclotron is a particle accelerator that produces radioisotopes by bombarding target materials with high-energy protons. The resulting radioisotopes are used in nuclear medicine, such as PET-CT imaging, as well as for research.

The cyclotron was manufactured by Advanced Cyclotron Systems Inc. and shipped from its factory in Burnaby, B.C. to Saskatoon. The accelerator, along with a Y-shaped beamline and support systems, will be hoisted and placed by crane.


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Matthew Dalzell

Sylvia Fedoruk Canadian Centre for Nuclear Innovation


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