University of Saskatchewan and Faculty Association reach tentative agreement regarding tenure decisions

The University of Saskatchewan and its Faculty Association have tentatively agreed on revised procedures for awarding tenure. The changes were negotiated as part of the collective-bargaining process for the university's 1,100 faculty members that culminated in a three-year tentative agreement.

Jim Cheesman, chief negotiator for the Faculty Association stated, "We believe this agreement is a critical step forward in order to place the recent events at the university behind us and continue to build the reputation of the U of S as a world-class post-secondary institution."

The key elements are the revocation of the Board of Governor's delegation of authority for tenure to the president, along with significant structural changes to the final review committee.

"I am pleased we have reached this agreement," said Ernie Barber, interim provost and vice-president academic. "Tenure is a significant career milestone for academics and one of the most important decisions that a university makes. I believe the proposed changes are respectful of our collegial processes and will bring resolution to this important issue that has been widely debated in recent months."

Highlights of tentatively agreed tenure decision changes include:

- Of the three to four committees that consider tenure candidates prior to a board decision, a two-year extension to the probationary period may be granted by either of the final two committees (but not both);
- Revisions to the final review committee's membership structure, specifically, to include nine faculty members and three senior administrators, all serving three-year terms on the committee;
- Clarification that observers (one named by the faculty association and one named by the employer) on the final review committee are allowed to comment, but do not have a vote;
- Revocation of board delegation of authority to the president for tenure decisions;
- Provision that recommended tenure candidates have the opportunity to present their tenure case to the board in cases where clarification is required; and
-Â Clear language indicating respect for and confidence in collegial decision-making processes.

The full details of a three-year tentative collective agreement that includes the changes to tenure processes were released to faculty members for consideration prior to a ratification vote to be held in September. The university's Board of Governors must also ratify the agreement, which is anticipated to take place in October. The university and the faculty association will discuss the details of the full collective agreement only after ratification has occurred.


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Jim Cheesman

Senior Professional Officer, University of Saskatchewan Faculty Association


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