University of Saskatchewan enrolment jumps up in key areas

More Aboriginal, international and Canadian out-of-province students registered for classes at the University of Saskatchewan this fall than ever before.

The overall numbers of international and out-of province undergraduate students are up over 10 per cent and nearly three per cent respectively, explained Patti McDougall, vice-provost of teaching and learning.

"We have been recruiting broadly, and are placing more and more emphasis on programs like advising to retain the students we recruit," said McDougall. "We're pleased we have seen growth in the student body from areas that we have targeted."

New first-time Alberta students in direct-entry programs are up over 22 per cent. New students from Calgary in particular are up nearly 78 per cent over last year, McDougall said.

"We continue to recruit more actively in Western Canada, targeting southern Alberta in particular, as well as internationally over the last six years, and that helps to explain these increases."

A total of 2,121 self-declared Aboriginal students enrolled in fall term classes, a 10 per cent increase over last year, and the university's highest total ever.

"The U of S has made it far easier for our students to self-declare whether they are First Nations, Métis or Inuit," said McDougall. "We've devoted more effort to explaining the benefits of self-declaration, such as access to specific scholarships or programs. The result is a higher rate of self-declaration than we have seen in the past."

Overall enrolment at the U of S continues to be stable. McDougall says that 20,960 students registered for classes this fall, which is about the same number who registered the previous fall in all degree and non-degree programs.

"The university has enrolment goals set until 2016," said McDougall. "Many of the colleges have reached their 2016 goals and work is already underway to determine what size and composition of our future student body fits with the strategic directions of the University of Saskatchewan and its colleges and schools."


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