Edwards business students at U of S mark milestone

SASKATOON - The Edwards School of Business announced today that the George S. Dembroski Student Managed Portfolio Trust has a current value of close to $1.4 million. This is thanks to donor support and the excellent performance of University of Saskatchewan (U of S) finance students.

The portfolio was launched in January of 2012, allowing senior-level students the opportunity to invest real money in Investment Practicum courses. Since its inception, Dembroski, Edwards School alumni, and other donors have provided more than $1-million to support the trust.

Edwards students are now working with one of the largest portfolios in Western Canada. They earn significant financial returns, often exceeding those of relevant benchmark indices, with the fund producing an average return of 8.13 per cent since its inception.

"Because of this portfolio's size and our students' performance, we have entered the top echelon of business schools in providing investment experience to students," said Daphne Taras, dean of the Edwards School of Business. "This initiative has been a game-changer for the school."

Edwards finance faculty say that the unique environment of the course means that significant learning takes place.

"Students start the class hesitant and reserved to make decisions that may mean serious financial consequences. Through guidance, coaching, inter-group discussions, critical feedback from peers and self-motivated learning, they transform into wise managers, ready and confident to invest in the turbulent financial market," said Edwards professor George Tannous. "I enjoy witnessing their transformation."

The trust is overseen by a board of trustees, including investment professionals, finance faculty and students. A portion of the income students earn is reinvested into the portfolio and the remainder provides benefits to Edwards students through scholarships and other initiatives that advance student learning.

"My objective for my donation was to create an environment at the Edwards School of Business where student interest in stock trading and portfolio management would be greatly enhanced," said Dembroski. "Since the fund's inception, the school has applied all the tools necessary to make the Student Managed Portfolio Trust a real experience. It has been a great success."


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