Target is discontinuing all operations in Canada; what went wrong? University of Saskatchewan experts weigh in.

Two University of Saskatchewan experts are available to talk about Target discontinuing all operations in Canada.

By Jennifer Thoma
Marketing expert David "Stormy" Williams is available to comment on why Target failed in Canada from a marketing perspective. He can discuss:

The affect of unstocked shelves and not having enough compelling products at competitive prices did to the chain;

Why there were overinflated consumer expectations;

Why the decision to close was made so quickly;

How a company that is so good at marketing failed in Canada;

If their opening was too ambitious; and

If another retail chain like Sears will be next?

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Keith Willoughby, an associate professor in the Edwards School of Business is available to comment on:

Inability of Target to compete with Wal-Mart on the low-cost dimension. By definition, only one entity can be the minimum cost retailer.

Wal-Mart's ongoing move to morph their stores into "Supercentres", allowing it to become the epitome of one-stop shopping. Target, by contrast, chose not to develop Super Target outlets (stores that featured extensive grocery selections along with usual consumer products (household items, electronics, and clothing). I.e. Super Targets south of the border appear to be incredibly popular.

Lower Canadian dollar may make it harder for a US-based operations to gain a foothold north of the border.


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