U of S College of Education adds direct admission option

Students with a passion for education will soon have the option of applying for direct admission to the University of Saskatchewan's College of Education and spending four years, instead of the current two, focused on learning to be teachers.

By James Shewaga
Under the current admission process, called sequential admission, students are required to take 60 credit units in the College of Arts and Science before applying to the College of Education; those admitted then complete another 60 credit units of education coursework. The direct admission option will have students continue to take two years of arts and science classes, but with the knowledge they have a spot reserved for them in the education program.

"It's often difficult for students to think of themselves as future teachers when they have to spend two years in another college before applying for our program," said Michelle Prytula, dean of the College of Education. "By admitting them early and saying, 'you will be a teacher,' students can approach their early studies with confidence, and can make class choices that will immerse them in their area of specialization, like math or the sciences."

The direct admission option will be offered starting in the fall of 2016. Prytula said the college's two other admission options — the current two-year sequential program and the post-degree program — will continue to be available to students.

Prytula confirmed the quota for the U of S education program would remain unchanged at 300 students, even when the new admission option is available. She said the provincial Ministry of Education has indicated that the education programs at Saskatchewan's two universities are in line with the current demand for teachers in the province.

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