University of Saskatchewan to vigorously defend lawsuit

The University of Saskatchewan has been served with a lawsuit brought by the former president, Ilene Busch-Vishniac.

By Kris Foster
The Board of Governors of the University of Saskatchewan has instructed legal counsel to vigorously defend the university in the suit.

"The university has fully complied with its legal obligations towards the former president and has acted prudently in the governance of the institution," said Board Chair Greg Smith. "We have instructed our counsel to challenge the claim in the strongest possible way."

When Ilene Busch-Vishniac's presidency was ended, she accepted a payment of 18 months salary in compensation and a tenured faculty position as agreed to in her employment contract with the university.

"The university fulfilled completely the terms of a mutually agreed upon contract and we have been instructed as counsel to vigorously defend against the claim," said John R. Beckman, Q.C.

As this is a personnel matter in litigation, the university will make no further comment on the specifics of the claim.


For more information, contact:
John R. Beckman, QC
McKercher LLP