Rosetta spacecraft researcher talks top scientific spot with U of S students

SASKATOON – Matt Taylor, the man in charge of the science being done by the Rosetta Mission, will be on campus speaking to University of Saskatchewan (U of S) students and members of the general public this week.

In his lecture, titled The Rosetta Mission to a Comet: What, Why and How (Or: How we landed a thing on another really faraway thing), Taylor will discuss the mission, including the spacecraft’s successful entrance into orbit around the comet after its launch and the recent landing on the surface of the comet.


Thursday, Oct. 6, 8 pm
Health Sciences Theatre (HLTH 1150) E-wing
Health Sciences Building, 107 Wiggins Road
University of Saskatchewan

This event is sponsored by the College of Arts and Science and SED Systems, and is free and open to everyone.


For more information, or to arrange an interview, please contact:


Jennifer Thoma

Media Relations Specialist

University of Saskatchewan


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