U of S launches new initiatives for Sexual Assault Awareness Week

SASKATOON - As part of Sexual Assault Awareness Week, university and student leaders will announce important developments in the University of Saskatchewan’s commitment to provide and maintain a safe and positive environment, where any form of sexual assault and sexual misconduct is unacceptable and will not be tolerated.

 Monday, Sept. 26

10:30 am

 North Concourse

Place Riel Student Centre

1 Campus Drive

University of Saskatchewan


Leaders from the campus community will be on-hand to talk about the sexual assault prevention policy and procedures, announce the new USAFE safety app and the React to Sexual Assault awareness campaign, and describe an interactive online learning tool, and discuss future events and initiatives. 


Opportunities for media:

  • Awareness campaign video viewing (a link to the online version will be provided)
  • USAFE app demonstration
  • Interviews with university and student leaders
  • Campaign material will be made available



For more information, contact:

Jennifer Thoma

Media Relations Specialist

University of Saskatchewan


Cell: 306-270-4513



Zaheed Bardai

Communications Specialist

Human Resources

University of Saskatchewan



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