Dr. Marek Radomski

Enthusiasm for research

Despite not having yet stepped into his new role as the College of Medicine’s new vice-dean of research, Dr. Marek Radomski has happily watched his calendar fill with meetings and events. 

"I'm excited that people are being extremely proactive," Radomski said with a laugh. "I have received a number of invitations already!"

Has someone warned him that that's not likely to slow down when once he's settled into his new office?

Radomski, who was until recently the chair of pharmacology and a professor at Trinity College at the University of Dublin, is looking forward to tackling the challenges that come with the position—and it helps that he's excited to join a school that has such research potential.

"When I looked at the college during the interview process it really occurred to me that there is great research potential in the college, and in Saskatchewan," Radomski explained regarding his decision to move back to Canada. "There's (potential in) basic research, clinical research, and also when it comes to research and development.

"I hope I can use my experience to become useful when it comes to stimulating the research."

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