Law grad follows roots of success at U of S

Jasmine Lothian’s first move after high school was leaving her Saskatchewan home and catching a flight west to the sunshine and beaches of coastal California.

The plan was to earn her undergrad at Chapman University in Orange, Calif., but it wasn’t long before she was drawn back to the Prairies to follow her family footsteps to the University of Saskatchewan.

“My parents both went (to the U of S College of Law), and my sister’s actually a graduate of the College of Dentistry, so she was here at the same time,” Lothian said. “I always wanted to take my education in Saskatchewan. I love Saskatchewan, and I really like the people here.”

Lothian is now a proud graduate of the same program as her parents, receiving her degree in law alongside her classmates at U of S spring convocation. Even when she was a child she had a keen interest in her parents’ careers, her eyes wandering curiously over their work and slowly but surely finding her own passion in their field.

“I sort of grew up around the law and always had an interest in it ever since I saw what my parents were doing every day, Lothian said. “It was one of those things that, when I finally grew up, I found more of an appreciation for what they did and decided law would be the right fit for me, too. It’s nice to be able to follow in their footsteps, and to have my picture hanging on the wall alongside theirs is kind of special.”

Lothian’s interest brought with it a profound work ethic. The new graduate is departing campus with no less than 18 scholarships to her credit, including being named the inaugural recipient of the Ron Cuming Prize in Commercial Law.

She also leaves the college as the most distinguished graduate of her class, a coveted position that earns her not only a gold medal award but also the Honourable Donald Alexander McNiven Prize in Law.

“It was a really, really exciting moment, finding that out,” Lothian said of being her college’s top graduate. “It’s one of those things you hope for, you put your nose to the books and you study and you do everything you can—to have it pay off and to have that recognition is really exciting for me.

“The College of Law has some pretty esteemed individuals who have won the gold medal before, including politicians and judges. I’m just happy and fortunate to be joining such an impressive group.”

Between studying for class and applying for scholarships, Lothian carved out time in her schedule to get involved with college activities such as the Law Games, an inter-law school competition involving sports and other activities, and the annual Legal Follies variety show, which this year broke its own charitable record by raising more than $17,000 for Saskatoon Dog Rescue.

“I think it’s important to give back,” said Lothian, who began with Legal Follies as a volunteer and this year helped organize the event. “As students, usually we’re pretty financially crunched but we do have the ability to give back our time.”

Lothian is already well on her way to an exciting career, with her bags packed and moved to a new home in Calgary where she has begun working in corporate commercial oil and gas—the same area her father specialized in—with MLT Aikins.

Looking back, she counts herself fortunate for the opportunities she’s had to attend a school she loves, take part in community activities and make irreplaceable friends along the way.

“I’m really lucky in that I wasn’t the type of person where my whole life was school, she said. “It’s important to do the work and study, but you have to have that normalcy, too. Keep doing the things you love, spend time with your friends, get involved with your college. I think balance is really important.”

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