USask experts on topics related to Ukraine invasion

The Russian military invasion of Ukraine is extremely concerning to our University of Saskatchewan (USask) community.

News about these shocking events and their potential implications for world peace will be troubling for all of us. Many USask experts, ranging from political studies, to history, to international relations, have recently weighed in on what the Russia-Ukraine conflict could mean for the world.

U of S prof breaks down West’s role in Russia-Ukraine conflict

So what should the West be doing about the Russia-Ukraine conflict? That’s a tricky question, says Bohdan Kordan, a political studies professor at USask and the author of multiple books on Ukraine. 

Canada’s newest Ukrainian immigrants can find inspiration from those who came before in Saskatchewan

The impact of Ukrainian people on Canadian history has been remarkable. Their legacy is worth noting today, as Canada begins to receive a new wave of Ukrainian immigrants, writes historian and USask professor emeritus Bill Waiser. 

Opinion: Brutality of Ukraine invasion resonates here in Saskatchewan 

Saskatchewan shares both history and environment with the Ukraine as the country is devastated by the Russian military, writes Vladimir Kricsfalusy, an associate professor in the School of Environment and Sustainability at USask.

Putin has ‘imperial ambitions’ involving Ukraine, historian says 

As the war between Ukraine and Russia continues, clues to the conflict can be found in history, according to Ukrainian historian Oksana Dudko, the Petro Jacyk Postdoctoral Fellow in Ukrainian Studies at St. Thomas More College in USask. 

More from Oksana Dudko:

Edwards School of Business dean on wild year of markets

The global markets have been on a wild ride in 2022, fueled further by Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. Edwards School of Business dean Keith Willoughby discusses the changes. 

More from Keith Willoughby: 

International relations expert explains Russia-Ukraine conflict 

Colleen Bell, an associate professor in the political science department at the University of Saskatchewan, has focused her research largely on international relations and the politics of security.

More from Colleen Bell:

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