Members of the ASSU encourage the USask community to get their booster shots and help protect the pack. (Photos: supplied)

USask unites: Arts and Science Students Union helps to protect the pack

The executives of the Arts and Science Students Union (ASSU) want to help protect the pack and keep everyone in the University of Saskatchewan (USask) community safe.

In 2021, the student leaders encouraged everyone to get vaccinated—and they are now encouraging members of the USask community to get a booster shot.

“The ASSU would like to reiterate once again the importance of scientific research and the COVID-19 vaccine. Unfortunately, we have seen a resurgence of cases around the globe, and it is our duty as members of the university’s community to protect one another,” said ASSU President Lucas Kobashi.

“The booster shot will ensure that we can alleviate the damage caused by the new variants and prevent the further spread of the virus. So, get your booster shot and only rely on credible sources as we get through this pandemic.”

Everyone coming onto USask campuses in Saskatoon, Prince Albert or Regina must follow USask’s vaccination measures and masking requirement. Students, faculty and staff can book an appointment to receive the COVID-19 vaccine at the Student Wellness Centre. More information about COVID-19 and requirements on USask campuses can be found online at covid19.usask.ca.

Below, the ASSU executives share their reasons for getting their booster shots:

Maahi Shah, vice-president external affairs: “I got the booster because it is a public health tool to strengthen my defences against the virus. It is crucial to take extra measures for my protection and for others around me. I feel privileged to easily get the booster and thankful to the hospital staff, nurses and doctors who are keeping us safe during the pandemic.”

Veronica Dirk-Pothier, vice-president internal affairs: “I got my booster shot to ensure my safety and the safety of others. It is important for everyone to take personal action to help each other get through this pandemic safely.”

Sahil Soota, vice-president academic: “I got my booster to ensure not only the safety of the campus community but everyone.”

Lucas Kobashi, president: “I got my booster shot because I believe in science and empathize with my peers. Getting vaccinated is a matter of community and not only myself.”

Ana Pontes de Azevedo, vice-president marketing: "Being updated with our COVID-19 vaccination is still the best, fastest and safest way that everything can go back to normal.”

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