Celebrating 100 years

The Alumni Association Centennial festivities will culminate with Alumni Weekend on May 19-20, a special all-years reunion of alumni on campus at the U of S.

Since the official launch of the Alumni Association Centennial at Homecoming 2016, the U of S Alumni Association has brought the celebrations to graduates throughout Canada, south of the border in the U.S., and even overseas with a reception in London, U.K. Now, Alumni Weekend brings the centennial celebrations back to where everything began for alumni, no matter where they live now—the beautiful U of S campus.

The Alumni Association was formed in 1916 with a mission to add value to the lives of all alumni by engaging graduates and celebrating their success throughout the world. While much has changed at the U of S since the association’s inception, its mandate has remained the same: maintaining the strong bond between alumni and the university.

“A graduate’s time at the U of S is an unforgettable, influential chapter in their life. We say it often, but it’s true: you learned a lot here—and not all of it was in the classroom,” said Jim Blackburn, president of the U of S Alumni Association. “Alumni Weekend is a special opportunity to come back to an important time and place in your life, reconnect with friends and classmates, and celebrate what your time at the U of S means to you, how it shaped the person you have become, and what you have achieved.”

Several colleges will be holding activities and reunions during Alumni Weekend, including the College of Nursing, College of Agriculture and Bioresources, College of Engineering, the College of Pharmacy and Nutrition, and the Edwards School of Business.

“Whether you graduated in 1966, 1996, or 2016, Alumni Weekend is for you and your family,” said Heather Dawson, alumni centennial co-ordinator. “There really is something for everyone: campus tours to see what has changed in 100 years and what is still the same; a family carnival in the Bowl for the next generation of U of S alumni; talks from U of S experts; a farewell reception at Louis’ Loft and much more.”

The Alumni Association is not the only entity recognizing a note- worthy milestone during Alumni Weekend. The former College of Home Economics will celebrate the centennial of its establishment with an anniversary tea and candle- lighting ceremony. The College of Education will also hold its second pinning ceremony.

Additionally, Alumni Weekend will feature a special recognition of graduates from 1967 and earlier at the Golden Grads Ceremony, recognizing the 50-plus year anniversary of their graduation date.

“I’m a golden grad myself,” said Blackburn, a graduate from the College of Pharmacy and Nutrition in 1960. “I can attest that the relationships made, the life lessons learned, and the memories alumni forged at the U of S become even more special and significant as the years go by. We can’t wait to reunite and celebrate the accomplishments of our graduates at Alumni Weekend.”


Visit alumni.usask.ca/centennial for a complete schedule and to register for Alumni Weekend events.

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