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USask statement on provincial budget

With today’s announcement of the 2024-25 budget, the Government of Saskatchewan confirmed its continued commitment to deliver on a multi-year funding agreement to support shared priorities and financial sustainability for the University of Saskatchewan (USask).

The multi-year funding commitment, now in its fourth and final year, will continue to provide predictable, stable support enabling USask to continue to provide outstanding post-secondary education and ensure innovation to strengthen and move Saskatchewan forward.

“Having the Government of Saskatchewan deliver on its a multi-year funding commitment to USask enables us to move towards financial sustainability and better advance our shared priorities,” said USask President and Vice-Chancellor Peter Stoicheff. “Predictable funding is critical to our long-term planning and forecasting, and allows us to play an important role in strengthening our province and supporting the realization of Saskatchewan’s growth plan.”

While the university will do an in-depth review of the budget over the next few days to determine full impacts to the university, Stoicheff explained, our initial reaction to the budget is positive.

“USask and the Government of Saskatchewan share a long history of working together on shared priorities to benefit the people of Saskatchewan,” said Stoicheff. “The ongoing support of post-secondary education shows a commitment to teaching, learning and research that strengthens communities throughout the province.” 

Stoicheff said he was especially pleased to see a one-time inflationary increase of 2.2 percent, or about $5.7 million, in the final year of the multi-year funding agreement.

“This one-time increase is recognition from the government of the inflationary pressures faced,” said Stoicheff. “This will provide some relief as we continue to deliver on our teaching, learning and research mission and contribute to a stronger Saskatchewan.”

Another area Stoicheff was pleased to see further supported was in the human health resources, including funding for occupational therapy and speech language pathology.

“USask is excited to move forward with the province on further development of programs in speech language pathology and occupational therapy,” explained Stoicheff. “Saskatchewan-based programming will have many benefits, including giving students the opportunity for team-based care training with other learners in the health professions that will ultimately translate into better care. This will benefit the quality of life in Saskatchewan.”

Stoicheff said the university now hopes to work with government on developing a new multi-year funding agreement. 

“The multi-year funding agreement demonstrated how much the government recognized the value USask provides to the province,” Stoicheff explained. “Our graduates and our research provide immense impact and move us towards being the university Saskatchewan and the world needs.” 

The 2024-25 budget is available online at