Law grad named to Forbes 30 under 30 list

Andrew Arruda (JD’14) has made the prestigious Forbes 30 under 30 law and policy list.

By Sean Conroy

A co-founder of ROSS Intelligence, Arruda has built a legal research engine that uses artificial intelligence to provide everything from citations to full legal briefs.

Arruda has spoken extensively about his AI legal service, most recently in a TED talk about on the subject of technology and innovation.

“Research itself takes up 20 per cent of a lawyer’s time, so we’re able to cut down that time from hours to minutes, if not seconds,” said Arruda. “A lot of times your everyday person is unable to really afford a lawyer so our goal really with our tool is to democratize the law.”

He credits his education at the U of S for shaping his career.

“The institution really allowed us to think outside the box and gave us the confidence that we could do anything.”

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