Kathryn Ford has been named the 2017 Women of Distinction Lifetime Achievement Award recipient.

Women of distinction

University of Saskatchewan faculty, staff, students and alumni were once again recognized by the Saskatoon YWCA with the annual Women of Distinction Awards nominations.

Since 1982, Saskatoon’s Women of Distinction Awards have honoured hundreds of women for their leadership and contributions to our community. The awards program is renowned nationally as one of the most prestigious awards for women. 

This year's Lifetime Achievement Award recipient is Kathryn Ford, an alumna (BA'71) who later completed a law degree. Since her admission to the Saskatchewan bar in 1977, Ford has been a force in Saskatchewan’s legal community and has done pioneering work in collaborative law. Her work ensures that all voices are heard and that decisions are made collectively.

Ford is also has been responsible for building capacity for community organizations, including the YWCA and the Prairie Hospice Society, leading expansion and transformation that has strengthened our community and empowered individuals. In 2013, she joined the U of S Board of Governors. 

Other notable nominees include:

  • Arts, culture and heritage
    • Joan Halmo (former staff member)
  • Athletics
    • Darlene Danyliw (BSHEC’76, BEd’77)

  • Community building
    • Connie den Hollander (BA'85, LLB'91)
    • Judy Hannah (BSHEC'76)
    • Carin Holroyd (faculty member, College of Arts and Science)
    • Chantelle Johnson (BA'99, LLB'03)
    • Keisha Sharp (MPH'15)
  • Education
    • Claudette Degagne-Ellis (MEDUC'15)
    • Lana Elias (BEd'96 BSc'02; staff member, College of Arts and Science)
    • Janet Okoko (faculty member, College of Education)
    • Kelly Van Damme (MFA'04)
    • Chelsea Willness (BA'02; faculty member, Edwards School of Business)
  • Entrepreneurship
    • Mackenzie Firby (BComm'03)
  • Health and wellness
    • Noreen Agrey (BA'79; BEd'89)
    • Jana Danielson (BComm'95; MBA'00)
    • Dr. Vicki Holmes (MD'73)
    • Haylie Lashta (BSc 2009, MPT'11)
    • Amy Smith-Morris (BSP'10)
  • Leadership and professions
    • Joy Crawford (BComm'93)
    • Nancy Lautner (BComm'95)
  • Research and technology
    • Jacqueline Cook (BComm'13)
    • Erika Dyck (BA'98, MA'00; faculty member, College of Arts and Science)
  • 29 and under
    • Ashlyn George (BA'09; BEd'10)
    • Renata Huyghebaert (student; former USSU leader)  
    • Anna Tavares (student)

View the full list on the YWCA website.

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