From left to right: Soo Kim, JoAnn Walker Johnston, Cathy Arnold, Joel Lanovaz and Jon Farthing

Falling for us

As most of Saskatoon grumbles about the thaw-and-freeze weather that the city has been experiencing recently, a group of researchers at the College of Medicine’s School of Physical Therapy see it as more than merely an inconvenience.

By University Communications
Catherine Arnold and her team of researchers, which includes co-principal investigator Joel Lanovaz from the College of Kinesiology, were announced as recipients of a SHRF research grant for their research examining fall prevention.

"We're taking the fall prevention a step further," Arnold explained. "We know that most exercise programs are designed to help prevent a fall from happening by improving balance and strength, and that's really important, but we're suggesting that falls do happen—sometimes it's hard to prevent them—and when they do happen there may be potential to decrease the risk of injury."

The research, which looks at forward-falls since they tend to be the most common, will be targeted at older women – aged from their 60's through mid-90's to help ensure the program is appropriate both for those with a higher level of active function as well as the more frail population.

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