Going viral

Maybe it starts with a mild fever, a scratch at the back of your throat or a cough you just can’t shake. Nothing a few days of bed rest won’t fix, hopefully.


12 items to check off your to-do list before school starts

Attention students: Prepare for the upcoming academic year with this handy list of items that will help make your experience at the U of S awesome.


The worms that changed the world

In the shallow waters of a sea in northern China 500 million years ago, a dazzling new array of creatures was swimming: part of an explosion of animal diversity that would forever change the course of life on Earth.


Developing new technology for cheaper biofuel

New University of Saskatchewan chemistry research could pave the way for cheaper gas and booze.


The best of both worlds

In the either/or divide between organic and conventional agriculture, Chris Willenborg refuses to take sides. Or rather, he picks both.


Shedding new light on dark matter

The tricky thing about spotting dark matter is, well, that it’s impossible to see with the naked eye.


Taking back control from online technologies

Julita Vassileva wants to liberate us from the siren call of technologies such as smartphones that have some of us missing assignments, souring relationships, walking into walls and worse.