Province funds major science research at the University of Saskatchewan

University of Saskatchewan researchers will have more powerful computing infrastructure thanks to $2.2 million in funding from the Government of Saskatchewan.


Culinary Services competing with Canada’s best

U of S Executive Chef James McFarland and his team are getting ready for Canada’s premiere culinary competition.


Mealworms may turn infected wheat into cash

Fusarium fungus contamination in wheat caused more than $1 billion in economic losses in Canada in 2016, affecting almost 80 per cent of Saskatchewan and Manitoba cereal crops and leaving farmers scratching their heads on how to dispose of tonnes of worthless wheat.


Edwards School of Business students win coveted School of the Year titles

Students from the Edwards School of Business brought home two coveted titles at the 2018 JDC West competition, held at the University of Calgary. In total, Edwards students took home seven first-place awards, one second and three third.


Remembering Rutherford Rink

Although there was a team as early as 1910, University of Saskatchewan hockey was first played on campus on natural ice in late 1929, within what was originally called the ice drome.


Going beyond the headlines

From stories suggesting rural crime is on the rise, to racially charged language on social media, a turbulent year in the news has left many people scratching their heads in disbelief.


From epidemics to Olympics

Hearing Steven Jones describe his time working with highly contagious deadly diseases, it almost sounds like he’s walking you through a scene from a blockbuster film.