Jaris Swidrovich, recipient of the 2016 USSU Engaged Young Alumni Award (photo by David Stobbe).

A prescription for success

Devoting his academic and professional career to improving people’s health and livelihood, Jaris Swidrovich was the recipient of last year's USSU Engaged Young Alumni Award.

The honour was not only an affirmation for the work he has done, but also inspiration for what he wanted to accomplish next.

“I wanted to ensure I give back to the U of S community to inspire others in the way I was inspired by the university,” said Swidrovich, who completed his pharmacy degree in 2010. “Receiving a nomination for the USSU Engaged Young Alumni Award was deeply humbling. To be nominated and considered worthy of the award is an honour in itself.”

The USSU Engaged Young Alumni Award is given to a young alumnus or alumna (younger than 35 years of age and within five years since his/her graduation) who has maintained a strong connection to the U of S since graduation, is actively engaged in his or her community, and has shown characteristics that indicate future success. Nominations are currently open for the 2017 awards.

Swidrovich is currently a lecturer in the College of Pharmacy and Nutrition. After earning his degree at the U of S, he completed the Doctor of Pharmacy (PharmD) program at the University of Toronto, where he became the first self-identified First Nations Doctor of Pharmacy in Canada.

In addition to attaining that designation, Swidrovich has been active in helping those living with HIV/AIDS and addictions in his role as a clinical co-ordinator of pharmacy services. He is also on the board of directors for Sanctum–a transitional care home and hospice in Saskatoon for people living with HIV.

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